Online Poker Game Variations

Poker is one of the most played card games and just like other games, poker also comes with its own unique rules. More often than not, the word ‘poker’ in majorly associated with the popularly known poker variation, Texas Hold’em. But the truth is that poker game has many other different game variations and not just this one game only. Each poker variant has unique rules but rules in various games are quite similar while others are completely different. Online poker games are known for introducing some non standard poker game variants that gives the player a broad collection of poker to play.

Texas Hold’em poker is the most widely known poker variant and has for the past decade become a global casino game sensation. It is the main variant of poker played in most online poker rooms. Omaha High is another poker variant which is also very popular in online poker rooms. While this game was mainly played in North America and Europe, online poker has led to the spread of this game all over the world. The rules of playing Omaha High are more or less the same like in Texas Hold’em poker with only one but very significant exception, rather than two hole cards, every player in Omaha High gets four cards.

Omaha Hi- Lo is yet another poker variation played in many online poker rooms. This variant follows the main game procedures and rules like in Texas Hold’em but there are also some key differences that make it a unique game in its own right. The players are each dealt with four card holes and only two cards must be used in the combination. This high low poker game variant allows players to use two cards and three others from the table while forming the lowest or highest card combination.

The seven card stud poker is one of the most played poker variants and most popular in online poker rooms. This particular game is played by between two and eight players with each of them getting seven cards, out of which three are closed and four are open. The main objective is for the players to make their best five card combination. The seven card stud hi- lo is the high low variant of 7 card stud and it is categorized in ‘split pot’ poker where the winners are both the highest and lowest hands.

Another online poker game variant is the five card stud which was one of the most popular poker forms in US played by Hollywood celebrities and presidents. However, even though its popularity has dwindled over the years, it is still available in many online poker rooms. The Deuce to seven triple draw poker variations is mostly played by those people who are willing to risk high stakes in the game. The player gets five hole cards and the goal is to make the lowest card combination in order to win. Other online poker variations to look for include ace to five triple draw, H.OR.SE poker, Razz poker and crazy pineapple poker among other variations.