Play Dealer's Choice - Feel Real Groove of Poker

It seems that each variation of poker can be turned into the Dealer's Choice one. Dealer's Choice games are usually pot limit ones. The blinds vary from $1/$2 to $10/$20. But at the same time you can meet the variants of limit game or No limit game.

Also it is more likely to see the real gamblers playing Dealer's Choice, not the poker players. The freshmen are afraid of different types of the poker game, and usually they prefer Hold'em.

Some Hints

Once you decide to try the Dealer's Choice, you are to play tight poker. Apparently, the Omaha is the most liked game, so you better be good at it. If you want to try this kind, it is wise to practice the Pineapple too. There are different desires at the table. Some come for gambling and some come for real poker and they sit there and think over their chances.

It is that type of game, where you see the real nature of the players. it is very easy to figure out that the gamers overestimate their hands and in time of the revelation it is difficult for them to let the legs go.

One of the few advices appropriate here is "learn playing other types of poker, except hold'em."

The strategy in the Dealer's Choice is more difficult than in simple variations, as there are wild and kill cards used to complicate it. It is mostly spread in the home games, but it definitely made its way to the poker world.


It is played just like Texas Hold'em, but here 3 hole cards are dealt instead of 2 and one of them is to be discarded prior to the flop. Then you continue playing just like classic Texas Hold'em.

Crazy Pineapple

It is like Pineapple, where you receive 3 cards but only after the flop each player discards one hole card. Then keep playing like simple Texas Hold'em.

Crazy Pineapple with Replacement

You play it like Crazy Pineapple but there is only one exception. Once the river cards are exposed, every player has the option to exchange one of his hole cards for some fee (Suggested fee is 2-4 times increased the betting limit). First the player discards a hole card and then he receives the one from the deck. It can be played hi/lo split or hi/lo eight or better.