Poker Equipment: Table, Chips and Cards

Poker is rated among the most incredibly enjoyable games to play. Poker lovers and professionals find this game quite attractive to them thanks to its strategies and the complex problem solving skills required. However, people take home different experiences while sitting at the poker table playing the game. For some, boredom is always unavoidable. Take for example an early poker tournament where the only thing you are doing is folding or perhaps playing a cash game but the table is full of dull players. Sitting at the poker table is a place where you should experience only the best moments of your life.

Poker tables come in a wide price range, mostly based on their style and whether the table is a permanent or temporary one. In addition, poker tables are also available in different shapes and sizes and should get a table that best suits your preferences. In this regard, it is essential for you to ascertain whether your experience in poker playing is a permanent fixture or just of temporary nature. There are also both branded and non branded poker tables. The branding options of poker tables are Harley Davidson or Jack Daniels. Just buying the poker table is not the end of the road but there are also some additional accessories that you must also have to enhance your game experience. Some of the key poker table accessories include playing cards, poker chips, a dealer shore, chip trays, dealer button and card shuffler.

Poker chips come in different denominations and their standard values are assigned depending on their poker chip colors. When playing Omaha Hold ‘Em poker, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker or any other game that requires use of chips as the currency, it is important that you know the worth of each chip. Every chip color has a standard amount and there are the chips with common colors or most common values and others that are a little rare. White chips are equivalent to $1, Red chips $5, Blue $10, Green $25 and Black $100. Others include Yellow $2, Grey $20, orange $50, pink $250, purple $500, burgundy $1000 and light blue chips have a denomination of $2000 and brown chips have $5000. You will also come across some other unique variations such as green chips that are played occasionally for $20.

Poker cards are also other important accessories required when playing poker game. When purchasing the cards, you need to get professional high quality cards as they are more durable and resistant to problems of deterioration that come with prolonged usage of the cards. The plastic coated poker cards are the best quality cards and are made with high grade paper and have a plastic coating at the top. Plastic coated cards are able to maintain their crispness and give the cards a new feel. They are able to withstand prolonged usage and intense play periods without tearing or bending and are also able to maintain a clear sharp of their images and lettering.