Free slots and cash slots for free

If you love playing slots – did you know that you can play both free slots and cash slots for free?

The generosity of different gaming websites’ introductory and “recommend a friend” type offers are often a good way of trying out new games for real money without the outlay of much of your own cash up-front.

One of the UK’s best and fastest-growing slots websites is the site which has been made more famous in recent times due to its use of actress Babs Windsor to front its advertising. The ex “Carry-On” and “Eastenders” star is now the Queen of Bingo and is instantly linked with online casino for UK consumers.

And anyone being attracted to the site by such ads as a first time member can benefit from an introductory offer of a free £20 once they’ve deposited £10 and played through. This is a great way of playing for the large progressive jackpots on offer on the multi-line and standard slot games available – of which there are many – without too much of an outlay.

What even fewer people realise is that they needn’t deposit any money play online slot games. There are two different ways players can do this. For a start, they can simply play all the games on demo mode to trial them. Then again, for those people who just want to play for the fun of playing (and some casinos have already won numerous awards for the creativity of its games) Facebook provides an excellent alternative route. In fact, since online casinos launched their free slots on Facebook just 18 months ago, a staggering eight million people have already registered to play.

They were the first providers to realise that many people like playing slots games just for the fun of it – which they can now do via Facebook using virtual coins only.

But for those of us who enjoy a cash gamble, some of online slot games can be played for as little as a 1p a game. And when you consider that users can pick up an additional free £20 for every friend they successfully recommend to the site – that’s a lot of free goes at landing one of the massive progressive jackpots advertised on the site.

So whether you simply want to play free slots for the fun - or cash slots for free; both are now quite easily do-able at the UK’s favourite slots provider.