Razz Poker Game: Rules, Tips, Strategy

All razz poker players must understand the rules of the game, tips and strategies that can help win in this highly exciting game. Razz is based a seven card stud game which is played for low. In short, rather than the highest hand being the winner in this game, the pot is won by the lowest hand. In razz, the lowest hand is definitely A-2 3- 4- 5 as flushes and straights don’t really count against low hand and aces in this poker game are also counted as low. When you are playing razz poker it is advisable that you launch the game using 3 little cards. Playing with a card which is bigger than eight is highly discouraged if at all you want to make a win.

When playing razz poker, keep good track of face up cards which means that you must be alert always and get as much information as you possibly can from the table. You not only need to study your own playing cards but be on the lookout for the gestures of your opponents and betting patterns. When a face up card is dealt, take a good note of it. The best thing about razz poker is that players don’t really have to count on their super memory power but you need to list cards which can help you create a razz hand that is strong.

A good strategy that you need to practice in razz poker is to fold at the best time possible. The rule of folding in razz is quite simple in that you fold when you are sure that you have no chances of winning. It is possible for a player to have wonderful hand at the start but this doesn’t guarantee that you will make it to the pot. Whenever things get sour in the course of the game, don’t think twice about folding. Another tip you need to keep in mind is that you need to keep playing razz poker as long as you can possibly play. Even if things aren’t working well for you, just stick at the table as you might possibly get a jackpot and somehow make a profit no matter how small it might be. So, just be patient enough and wait for the bad game players to finally vacate the table.

Also, remember that in razz, you are not just aiming at creating a good hand only but you should also build the pot and eliminate your opponents. Raising and re- raising the pot can work to your favor and help to scare away your opponents. Finally, just like other casino games, it is essential that you be patient and well disciplined. The biggest mistake you can make while playing poker is becoming impatient and starting to chase poor hands. You shouldn’t hesitate to fold the game until you are convinced that you have the right starting hand. If you feel bored, sad or depressed, razz poker is definitely not the best game for you.