Basic Poker Rules Guide

It is quite easy for any player to learn poker game of poker by reading excellent video poker tips, no matter how good you think you are at other online games like online slots, roulette online or you won a lot at the internet roulette casino or know by heart the Kevin Blackwood's book on blackjack.

Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Hold’em is the button poker game that means that the specific button to indicate the dealer is applied in this game version. According to the basic poker rules, the game action starts with betting. Commonly the two poker players after the dealer’s button make the obligatory blind bets, big and small blinds. And the pocket cards are dealt. Each poker player at the table is dealt two hidden cards. Then the first round of betting proceeds. It begins from the first poker player next the big blind bettor and finishes when all gamblers contributed the equal amount to the pot.


When the first round of betting finishes three community cards appear. The gamblers verify the hands and place bets. There is the next betting round. Like during the first round of betting the gamblers can fold, call bet, check and raise or use all-in betting option ( in no limit poker games).


One more face up community card (turn) occur. And again the betting round follows that is started by the first active player immediately next to the dealer’s button. Commonly at this point of play the min betting amount is raised twice.


The betting round ends and the last community card is placed on board. The last betting round occurs. The river card gives the gamblers the last chance to improve the poker hands and this may be the card which shows to stay in the hand or leave.


When the last betting round is ended the active players show their cards. The five cards hands are checked in accordance with the standard hand rankings. Do not forget, that in Texas Holdem poker variation the poker players may use any of their pocket or hole cards and any of the community cards to form five card hands.

Seven Card Stud Poker Rules

One of the basic poker rules of Stud variations is that they are played with antes made by all gamblers before the cards are dealt. Seven Stud is the game in which the players compete against each other. So, as soon as the antes were made all poker players are dealt three cards each, two face down and one face-up. The betting follows. The player that was dealt the lowest exposed card is to open betting round. This poker player has to wager bring-in bet which is equal to the small bet or the half of such bet. After bets are placed one more card which is called “fourth street” is dealt face-up. The betting round follows. Then two face up cards also known as fifth and sixth streets appear one by one followed by round of betting each. Now the players are dealt the last seventh card, that is dealt face down. The poker players use all seven cards to create their poker hands. The gambler that has the best hand receives the pot. In case of the identical poker hands the pot is split.

Omaha Poker Rules

Omaha Poker is one more popular poker game version after Texas Hold’em poker. This is owing to the simplicity of both poker games basic poker rules. Omaha is usually played in two forms: pot limit and fixed limit.

Omaha poker is the button game. The first two poker players close to the dealer’s position post blind bets and the dealer deals the card, four cards for every player. The game session consists of the same game rounds as Holdem poker : these are flop, turn and river, in which five community cards are dealt on the table. The hands in Omaha are also created of five cards, but the most important rule of Omaha states that the gambler has to use only two pocket or hole cards and three of the board cards in any combinations to create the poker hand. In the showdown the poker players which are still in the hand show their cards and the pot is received by the gambler with the highest hand.

Let It Ride Poker Rules

Let it Ride poker game version is not so popular like the mentioned ones thought it may be met in some of the gambling halls. Unlike most poker games Let it Ride is played against the banker. Speaking about the basic poker rules Let It Ride is in fact the type of stud poker game. Firstly the players have chance to place three different bets even the bonus wager (study the game rules determined by card room). The poker players get three exposed cards and the two dealer’s community cards appear face-down on the board. The first dealer’s card is turned out and now the gamblers may decide to leave the game or proceed, in other words Let it Ride. After the second card is exposed the poker players take the decision again and then the poker hands are evaluated for the win. The prizes are paid off according to the special payoff table.

Pai Gow Poker Rules

This is one more not very popular poker game version. It is also played against the house. Every player and the dealer receive seven cards of which they must form two high poker hands. Five cards hand which is also known as "big" and "behind", and "bottom" is ranked according to the common hands ranking and two cards hands are made up according to the specific Pai Gow poker hand rankings (learn the basic poker rules of hand ranks at our Hand Ranking section). In fact, Pai Gow poker is the American version of Chinese card game that was initially based on the Chinese dominoes.