Different Types of Poker Hand Rankings

There are many forms of poker game, but in all the variations, the player needs forming uppermost poker hand for winning the pot. One can become a successful poker player by learning the hand rankings properly. Check out for information about the hand rankings in poker at various websites gambling directory, online casino and casino listings. There you can also read about roulette online and poker game.

Royal Flush

Royal Flash is the highest ranking. If a player gets a sequence of Ace to 10 in the same suit, the he has got Royal Flush.

Straight Flush

If the player has got same suit of five cards with a straight run such as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Hearts or 10, J, Q, K and A of Spade, then he has got Straight Flush.

Four of a Kind

If the player has got same value cards from all the four suits, then it is Four of a Kind. If such hand is obtained by two players in any of poker games, then the kicker or fifth car will be required.

Full House

Three same ranked cards from any three suit and two same ranked cards from any two suit make a Full House.


Any combination of five cards from a particular suit is Flush. The strength of Flush depends on the highest value card in the combination.  


When user gets consecutive five cards in different suits, it is Straight.

Three of a Kind

In the combination of five cards, if the player gets three cards of similar value, then it is Three of a Kind. When opponents also get Three of a Kind, then the player with highest value cards from the remaining two cards, win the deal.

Two Pair

Any two pair of cards of the same value. Two Aces and Two Kings are the best examples of Two Pair.

One Pair

A single pair of cards of the same value is One Pair. When two or players get One Pair, the player with highest value of the other cards win.

High Card

This is weakest hand and it is a situation when the player gets none of the above mentioned hand combinations. Any combination of cards is High Card.