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Rules for Playing in a Poker Tournament

Tournament rules

•    In several tournaments, the rules that of a live poker game are kept the same for a tournament as well.

•    The seating arrangement is decided by a draw or through assignment. In some of the one table events the cards that determine seating arrangements are left face up so that the players can pick up their seat.

•    Once the game starts the seats cannot be changed except in rare circumstances when the director makes the decision.

•    At the start of the game the starting chips would be placed at the seats for every player.

•    The entrants who are late would still get their starting stack of chips from the director until half an hour elapses after the start of the game.

•    The blinds and the limits on the game would be raised at pre determined intervals.

•    There would be a signal for the ending of a particular level and then the new limit would be applied on the next hand.

•    When no longer required, the lowest denomination of chips would be removed. All the removed chips would be replaced by the correct denominated of new chips.

•    For a player to stop the game by calling “time” he/she must be present at the table.

•    When it’s a players turn at the table and he/she is not available the hand would be dead.

•    As the players would start getting eliminated the tables are rearranged in a pre determined order.

•    Players would be transferred to keep a balanced number of people on each table.

•    A player cannot benefit on discovering hidden chips when he/she puts all in and loosed the pot. (You see that rules are absolutely different than in roulette online).

•    If any player does not have enough money for a blind or on a forced bet, he/she can liable to get a hold on how much ever money remains.

•    A player cannot reveal any cards during a live hand. If he still shows the hand would be dead and he would be liable for a penalty.

•    Any inappropriate behavior or not abiding by the rules would be liable for a penalty or even eviction.

•    Even on request the deck cannot be changed unless the dealers would change.

•    The button would remain in place till all the blinds are accumulated.

•    New players would be immediately dealt cards unless they are seated in a button position.

•    If a player declared to rebuy before the hands are dealt to players, he/she is allowed to do it.

•     When be betting is complete and a player is all in, all hands would be turned face up.

•    If during the same hand if two or more than two players get broke, the player who starts the hand with the larger number of chips would finish in the higher place.

•    The management would not be required to apply any rules on any private alliances or any side bets.

•    Until the completion of the game a tournament is required to be played.