Some of the world’s most successful casino gamblers

To be a gambling success sin a casino – you either have to be lucky or to be great at poker. No other casino game has a sufficient amount of skill and judgement for punters to win steadily over time.

If you’re as luck as Patricia Demauro though – you don’t need strategy. In 2009, she rolled the dice 154 times in Atlantic City casino without scoring a seven, setting a new world record in the process. Patricia wouldn’t tell anyone how much she won, but the odds of this happening were around 1.56 trillion to one!

Another somewhat fortunate punter was Cynthia Jay who landed the world’s largest ever slot machine jackpot with $35m. Cynthia was playing a “Megabucks” slot machine at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas.

Five years earlier, also in Vegas, a UK gambler gambled all the cash he could muster on the turn of a roulette wheel. Ashley Revell managed to get $135k together and bet it all on red at the Plaza Hotel & Casino. It landed on seven red and Ashley doubled his money.

So these three examples have all been fortunate in betting on games of chance. But if you do this long enough, the casino’s house edge and the laws of probability mean you’re sure to lose. What you can do for a while, though, is to put the odds in your own favour by taking advantage of bonus monies. So for example, a mobile casino from 32 Red currently offers newly registering players up to £160 free (£32 for each £20 deposited. But if you want to win regularly, it has to be poker.

And here are a few gamblers who have managed just that:

Professional player Patrik Antonius beat Swede Viktor “Isildur1” Blom winning an online jackpot world record $1,356,947at stakes of $500/$1000 in Pot Limit Omaha in 2009. But then eight days later, Viktor got most of this back winning a near record $1,127,955 jackpot himself when he beat another poker professional, Phil Ivey.

Or how about Greek-American poker star Archie Karas who has won and lost fortunes on numerous occasions? Archie’s incredible lucky streak occurred between 1992 and 1995 when he managed to turn just $50 into over $40m playing poker. Unfortunately, he didn’t stick only to what he was good at and lost the lot over a matter of weeks playing dice and baccarat – as well as some poker. But then no one wins all the time.

If you aspire to becoming a poker professional, it’s best to prove to yourself first that you can win and to hone your strategy steadily with small stakes – always accepting that no one can win each time and learning to accept your losses (whilst minimizing them) is part and parcel of the poker professional’s lot. Good luck.

Picture (cc) by loletes